Monday, March 5, 2018

William Almonte - Choose Your Future Lifestyle with Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment Agencies being outside firms hire or, recruit candidates for employers. If one gets a job through a recruitment agency then, he or, she becomes an employee of the employer. In case of confusion regarding the choice of a job, recruitment agencies are the best place to go. The sole purpose of these recruitment agencies is to inform individuals regarding job vacancies and guiding them to a proper position. Several benefits follow in choosing a recruitment agency like:

1. Agencies do the tough tasks
The agencies do the problematic functions including taking the candidates' details and give their best efforts that match with their educational qualification or, professional experience. Sending the details of the job to the candidate who then has just to attend the interview.

2. Recruitment Agencies saves both time and energy
Since recruitment agencies take the responsibilities to offer the appropriate job for the candidate, they save the individual's time and energy that is wasted otherwise when done by the individual alone, relieving them from the worry of getting a job.

3. Proper Connectivity and Higher Probability
According to William Almonte, most of the employment agencies have good connections with various firms and organisations. Since they are constantly in touch with the employers; they inform their clients regarding vacancies and requirements in various organisations. The chances of getting the desired job with an agency are quite high.

4. Free-of-Cost Procedure
Most agencies do not charge any amount since; the company for which they recruit pays them. During registration, it is best to meet the individuals of the agency face-to-face. In this way, one can discuss the skills, experiences, expectations and career goals effectively. Giving honest and accurate details is important to avoid future conflict with them.

5. Selection of the Good and Reputed Agency
Due to the presence of several recruitment agencies, selecting one that carries a good reputation is very important. Since choosing the proper and correct company can ensure the success in getting the right job that suits one’s lifestyle and preference.

6. Managing Time and Professional Aspirations Together
Getting a recruitment agency that efficiently administers time and professional expectations conveniently with the lifestyle. Based on the skillset, one can select the locations, time and conditions.

7. Proper Recruitment Agencies must offer More
Recruitment Agencies should provide more than just a database of vacancies. The agency must act as a partner to the career aspirations that should aim to reach both – the professional and the personal requirements. The employment agency consultants will guide each step of the process of recruitment.
From the viewpoint of William Almonte, long-term career development must be a consideration along with the advice and support of expert professionals, most often with a medical background.

A professional recruitment agency is likely to encompass all options concerning healthcare by offering positions in Private hospitals and clinics, mental health, home care and the like.
One must be fully aware regarding the aspects of site, facilities and role-playing. One must fully be briefed and informed about these issues.
Thus, we see that these agencies do the steep and strenuous tasks of looking and finding a job, thus freeing the individual from the strain and hassle of searching for one.  

Monday, February 19, 2018

William Almonte - 7 Tips for Recent Grads When Working With Recruiters

Every people in this world become a little bit nervous or worried when they tend to decide their line of career after their study. When people are going through the time of the end of their academicals education they think to seek a job or a good placement in their chosen field. Before you get the job you need to go through some interviews that consists the recruitment process.
There are a number of mistakes that you do before the person who is taking your interview. To be aware of those mistakes you need to take help from the recruiters or the recruiting companies so that they can help you to be interview ready. Sir William Almonte, goal oriented leader at titan staffing system says that you should also be careful before you seek help from the recruiters or recruitment companies.

Taking help from others is not a bad thing but you should be careful enough before you take help from anyone. There are a number of factors that you should be careful about before you work with any recruiters. This article is here to let you know about those factors. Following are the seven basic factors stated that you should keep in mind before you work with the recruiters.

1.  After you complete your graduation or any study when you come to find a job you can take help from the recruiters, but you should work with only those recruiters that can help you to get a job, in such a company who pay a base salary.
2.  You should work with such a recruitment company that does not charge the applicants. You should also take care of that these companies do not ask you to take their service again even if you don’t want it.
3. Before you work with the recruiters’ or recruitment companies you should know about the company for which they are working or the companies with which the recruiters are working. If you don’t care about this factor then you will not be able to blame the recruiter for a bad or unsatisfactory placement.
4.  Before you contact any recruiter or recruitment company you should get proper knowledge about the recruiters or recruitment farm. Sir William Almonte, owner of titan staffing system says that you should search only for those recruiters who can give placement in your chosen field of work.
5.  After a complete training from the recruiters when you go for an interview you should take care of two things. One out of these two is to represent yourself in a very good manner and the second thing is that you should keep in mind your behaviour will also represent the recruiters who have helped you to reach there.
6.  You have to be practical enough to accept a job that fulfils most of your requirements but not all because it is very difficult to find a job that perfectly suits your requirement.
7.  Work with those recruiters who can make you feel comfortable because if you are not comfortable with them then they will not be able to help you and you will not be able to ask for your need. For more information visit here

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Wiliam Almonte - How To Prepare Yourself For Recruitment In Top Companies?

It is not easy to acquire a good job in a reputed company that will guarantee an attractive salary after each month. By now, you must have received enough information about the essential qualities, which employers desire to find in each applicant. But these typical conditions will not help you to bag a job in a reputed firm. They look for something extra in their employees. Here, you will get info on such qualities. If you do not possess these, then there is no need to worry. With little practice, you will be able to develop these traits.

Having a clear professional objective is mandatory

When a popular company hires you, they do not want to give you a chance to better your skills. They desire to acquire benefits from your services. Yes! You will be able to sharpen your skills while on the job, but you need to give them the impression that you have a set goal for the future. An employee who has the hunger to succeed will work twice as hard to reach his/her personal career-related goal. It will, in turn, produce more profit for the company. So, William Almonte, president of titan staffing system suggests that one have a set target and should prepare a good answer when the interviewer asks you - “where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?”

Give weightage on your credibility

You might have a strong recommendation, high academic and professional training or an enviable contact base; all these will fail if you do not have adequate reliability. Each interviewer will test you differently. Only candidates who are good at what they do will be able to get the job. Here, one has to pay attention to the type of work he/she had done in the previous organization. Reputed companies do background checks, and they will get in touch with your previous firm to get feedback on your work capacity and conduct. Thus, make sure that you are in good books of the bosses. A person with a good reputation will get extra points as he/she is bound to behave in the same manner in the new company.

Leadership qualities with a friendly disposition

It is necessary to show that you will be able to command respect from your co-workers and subordinates. Any reputed business firm only appoints folks who will be able to take charge of the situation. But if you are too bossy, then that will lower your likability. If your co-workers or juniors do not like you, then you will not be able to reach the target. Thus, you need to develop a personality that has a delicate balance of leadership and friendly nature.

Having conviction in yourself and work

William Almonte, president of titan staffing system said that only a candidate who has positive attitude and confidence in his/her work would be able to progress in the professional world. The interviewers will try to confuse you with several situations. Even when you answer, they will try to scare you. But you must hold your ground in case you feel that you are correct.

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Thursday, January 11, 2018

William Almonte - Online Recruitment And How It Works

Most of you people are already introduced to the online recruitment system. Along with the updated world, the process of recruitment has also been updated and now you get it in the form of online recruitment system. According to William Almonte, the online recruitment systems has changed the recruitment process a lot and the change is quite beneficial. Like the offline recruitment process, the online recruitment process has also a number of stages or steps to be done. The following paragraphs of this article is here discuss the stages of online recruitment.


The most primitive step in this process is to advertise for the job vacancy. This step includes a number of online job portal or web pages. The advertisement for the job vacancy is also given in a number of social networks so that it could reach to the people easily. The advertisement for the job vacancy includes the details about the job, the criteria for the eligible candidates and the area for which the candidate can apply. The advertisement is done in such a way that the people get easily attracted to the advertisement and the number of applicants gets increased.


This is the next step after the candidates have applied for the job. In this step, the description of the applicants gets justified. The recruiters find out the applicants who are eligible to join the furthers steps of recruitment and they reject the candidates who are not appropriate for the job. The work in this step totally depends upon the document and the description that the applicant has given to the recruiters. They also judge the candidate by his previous job description. According to Sir William Almonte this step is the most important step where the recruiters try to eliminate the non eligible candidates.

  1.  In this step the candidates get to know the result of the first round. The eligible candidates are greeted with the news to move forward for the next step and the non eligible candidates are refused completely. After the eligible candidates are sorted out the recruiters provide the details of the eligible candidates to the senior recruiters so that they could make better decision to select the employee for the job.
  2. After this the process move forward in the same way with few more steps. In the next stages maximum number of applicant gets rejected and the best ones are selected. After all the test to the candidates are done the recruiters provide the eligible candidate to the company as an appropriate employee and the job of the recruiters gets over.
  3. The process of online recruitment is not very different from the process of offline recruitment. It is just a bit faster process that has helped the system a lot. The process of online recruitment has also restricted any illegal work that used to occur in the process of offline recruitment. This is why the online process is much trustable and beneficial for both the candidate and the recruiters.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

William Almonte - Important Things To Remember In The Recruitment Business

Nothing is better than helping the people find their dream job that they have been searching for a long time. It is not an easy job but there is a satisfaction that never can be explained. William Almonte, the professional recruiting expert said, the need of recruitment agencies will be increased day by day because numerous positions are vacant in the companies and they are hiring candidates through recruitment agencies nowadays.


For a business, the reputation is everything. When you make a decision in a business you have to think that today’s decision will not impact your business reputation tomorrow. To be a successful in the recruitment business, always communicate with clients and employers, your politeness, patience and positive decisions will tell about your image.

Expand your circle

When you give your best to your clients, they will definitely appreciate you. When you give your time, effort, they will be satisfied.  It is observed that the successful recruiters always make cold calls to new candidates and employers. Thus, you should extend your business. Never stop expanding your business circle.

Keep in touch

According to expert William Almonte, in the recruitment industry the strategies change regularly. So, you need to keep in touch with the trends. You have to pay attention on the latest methods of recruitment and try to improve them. Your professional expert can help you in this matter.

Answering all calls

If you treat the customers nicely, they will give a good feedback. So, always try to receive the calls without any fail, listen to them, and check the hurdle off their list.

Always listen

Ability to listen to the details of the candidates is also a skill. It allows the recruiters to find the appropriate candidates out for the position. After listening to their wants and needs, recruiter will know if they are good-fit or not.

Customer care service

A successful recruiter knows the importance of customer care service. Providing a good customer care service, an owner of a recruitment business can win the hearts of the customers. Because, customers always have problems and enquiries. If you ignore your customers, there will be bad reputation. So, it is wiser to deal with all the issues that the customers have faced with honesty and patience.


A successful recruiter must have fearlessness. He or she must have the ability to do cold call, ask questions, and tell the candidates they are not a good-fit for the position. This fearlessness or courage doesn’t mean carelessness. Being a recruiter, one should respect the candidates equally.
The recruitment industry is small relatively. So, candidates should not go to many agencies.We usually hear about bad agencies because people give reviews to make sure other about the problem they have faced in the company. But when they receive good service they rarely think to give a good review. So, if you never hear about any negative reviews. It’s probably a good one.

These are the important things to remember in the recruitment business. Now, you have idea of it. Keeping these in your mind you can develop your business applying new strategies. 

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

William Almonte - Tips For Working With Recruiters

Online job searching and submitting resumes, referral or checking job boards- these are the common ways to find a job. Apart from these working with recruiters can be really helpful in the opinion of William Almonte, the famous recruitment professional. Perhaps, for many job seekers working with recruiters is an unfamiliar experience. It is different than applying online for jobs. To maximize your job opportunities, to build a good career, here are some top tips for working with recruiters.

William Almonte

Understand that recruiters work for employers, not for you

At first you have to know how recruiters get paid. William Almonte said that a recruiter can help you to find your dream job. But they actually work for employers who seek good-fit candidates for their companies.

Make it easy to find you

If you are seeking for a job, you should be visible to recruiters so that they can find you easily. So, be active in social media, blogs and professional fields.

Be professional and committed

It is said that first impression is the last impression. Recruiters will get a brief idea about your professionalism from how you work with them. You should not be casual with what you have agreed. You should not back out of your commitment. Recruiters always notice a candidate’s commitment.

Be responsive and respectful

Speed is one of the most crucial factors in the field of recruitment. If a recruiter wants to discuss with you about some opportunities and you are unable to reach, he or she likely move on to other candidate. So, always be responsive. They are super busy, they may not redial your number or resend messages. It is your duty to contact them and be respectful of their time when you contact.

Build a relationship

Recruiters provide important information of industries. They help you to shape your career path.Try to be a source of information for them as well. Keep your eyes and ears open and collect information from the market and share with the recruiters. When they contact you for a job and you think that you are not a good-fit for that, you can recommend someone else who is eligible. Sharing information, be a networking contact for the recruiters and build a good relation with them. They will definitely think of you for the next time.

Be specific about career requirements

It is really very important to tell your recruiter all of your preferences, requirements. To be honest, you don’t have to pay any single penny. It will help to build a mutual trust. When you seek for a position, be forthright with the recruiter about the company, recruitment process and type of work etc. when they know your goal, interests, what are you looking for, they can correctly make your career suggestions. When you are approached for a job you are interested in, it will be the best that you politely refuse and thank them.


Always try to work with patience. Trust the recruiters because they are experienced in this field. They will not misguide you. Arguing with recruiters would be mistake where listening to their advices will be useful.

Thank your recruiter

At the end of the process don’t forget to thank your recruiter, expressing gratitude towards the recruiter can make your relationship stronger and you don’t know when you might need the recruiter again! 

Monday, November 27, 2017

William Almonte - What Is The Current Market Size of Staffing Industry?

The staffing industry is one of the main industries to be mingled with corporate business. Staffing is one of the most diverse industries. It has grown from the narrow phase for providing talents for filling the different vacancies of companies. This is a major industry that supplies human resource to every type of business.

William Almonte

According to William Almonte, expert recruiter, on an average 71% of staffing and recruitment firms is experiencing growth from 2015. On 2016 the staffing industry has gone through numerous changes and with the onset of 2017, it’s expected to go through numerous changes as well. On 2017 more than 91% recruitment firms are expected to see more than 10% growth.

How staffing industry is growing?

Much of the growth of the staffing industry depends on the expanding client relationship. The growth of the staffing industry is one of the every important focus of the corporate industry as staffing is one of the predominant sectors. Staffing is the fuel of industries that can make any particular industry evolve and grow. Without staffing any industry can’t prosper because without proper staffing the growth of any industry will go downward. As without fresh talent, there will be no fuel to take things further. Continuously involving fresh talent should be one of the main concerns of every industry.

As per William Almonte on 2016 staffing industry in every developed and developing countries have grown continuously. Like in Canada in 2015 the staffing industry had a total market size of 8.5 billion dollars, and as per economists and experts, the growth is about to reach 8.9 billion dollars in 2017.

What is the current situation of staffing industry worldwide?

US Staffing industry is one of the main staffing industry globally. US staffing industry revenue will rise by more than 7% in the coming year to bring revenue. The record mark of 142.4 billion will be reached on 2017 by staffing industry analysts report. The estimated growth of the staffing industry is growing in a swift manner. Despite the fact that the economics of the US is slow growing, but the staffing industry is ever growing.

In today’s employment market employers are increasingly being recruited for the betterment of the industry. The main reason behind the growth of staffing industry is many capable and reputed recruitment agencies in the market who are continuously working for the betterment of the recruitment industry. These agencies have the main function to feed other industries with fresh talents continuously.

End talk

Ironically the recruitment industry isn’t resistant to pressure and the continuous influence of supplying fresh talent to numerous industries is growing day by day. In this ever expanding situation, the headhunting industry is increasingly focusing on retention of the main motto behind the recruitment that is searching for fresh talents to stuff those talents in the relevant industry. The main resistance against the building pressure of providing talents is relevancy. Without relevancy, no recruitment agency can survive the increasing pressure. Only by proving relevant talents to industries the staffing industry can experience continuous growth and which is inevitable for the growth of other related industries as well.