Thursday, July 12, 2018

William Almonte Mahwah - Significance Of Recruitment and The Procedure Followed

Perfect recruitment is as necessary as any other constructive blocks of a business organization. The idea is to make a team of well qualified and competent executives for every task that is to be executed in the organization. Therefore forming a group of employees who can accomplish every task and make them look like a piece of cake, is necessary.

To start off, understanding the business needs precisely, is essential. The right and like-minded employees can only be hired, if the business needs are properly assessed. William Almonte suggested,” the recruiter needs to successfully tell his candidates exactly which abilities he is looking for in his employees for hiring."

Cost and time effective recruitment

A recruiter’s success lies in effectively persuading people to join an organization by eliminating every doubt and confusion in their mind regarding the job. The most cost-effective recruitment process is having people find your organization. Once people start calling up and asking for career opportunities, half of the expenses are already saved. Making them drop their CVs online or by post is another way in which the cost can be minimized. Not only money, but time is saved in this way.

Finding the right employee for an organization

Possessing quality candidates is one of the top objectives for all employers. Rendering a job position detail and marketing in sites where you will attract maximum interested candidates. Understanding the standard pay-scale and researching about how other competitors remit for the similar kind of job is essential. Employees often care about incentives and facilities regardless of how much their salary is. Therefore making sure that an employee is going to stay with a company for a more extended period is necessary. For William Almonte Mahwah, a recruiter is not just only a recruiter; he should be a guiding agent and a person to depend on for the career seekers.

Proper selection can help saving time in training

Going via specific set of queries abilities to confirm the capability of an employee is required, this helps in the establishment of confidence and self-satisfaction that whether the right employees have been selected or not. Constant replacement of employees is potentially harmful to an organization. Constant replacement drains down money and time and productivity of an organization. An employee working for a longer period of time in the same company is likely to deliver good output than a fresh employee. Choosing an employee through a rigorous process is therefore needed and can minimize hassle further.

Properly making the offer

Before making the offer finally, employers should be skeptical to some extent about the competency of the applicant. The responsibilities do not end here. It is equally important for the employers to make the applicant go through the terms and conditions before their joining. Medical tests should be held extensively for every candidate before making the final move.

Maintaining a good impression on behalf of the organization and smartly carrying out every step of the recruitment process is highly needed to build a team of executives with great expertise.

Monday, July 2, 2018

William Almonte Mahwah - Things you should know for a recruitment process

The process of recruitment differs according to jobs, positions, and agency. An aspirant should be well aware of the various things from the perspective of the head-hunter. A recruitment process is always a formal one, and the dignity should be maintained accordingly. There are a variety of things which we may not know or are doing wrong during a recruitment procedure. Every such process is unique, but there are always certain things that remain the same. There are a few important aspects that one should be aware of while applying for a recruitment process.

Present your best front

One should showcase the variety of skills during a recruitment process. Not always the opportunities for showcasing all your talent or skills are given. For a fresher, it is essential to know that internships are of more value than GPA during a recruitment process. Be honest and accurate in your facts, but it is important to mention if you are a fast learner. You should also be ready for any form of a test or exam. According to William Almonte Mahwah, almost half of the employers may provide a test or exam for the candidate.

Know your Ambience

There is a fragile line between being an outspoken, confident person and an overconfident, arrogant person. Your choice of words and tone of language is a critical factor. You may find a person to refer you but the real hunt is in you. Most employers may present one to three people for the interview; however, some may even make you meet up to five people. So as William Almonte believes, you should be ready to meet new people and interact with them.


This is a significant thing to keep in mind while applying for a recruitment process. The employers often check the candidates' tenacity and patience purposely. A recruitment process may take up to three weeks from the application to the interview to the job offer. In some companies, the entire process can even take up to five or nine weeks.


The recruitment process may not go as per your expectations. The road may be a little bumpy from time to time. In such situations being patient and persistent is the key. Even the hope of income may not be as per your expectations, but you can reason it out with the employer. A significant thing to keep in mind is you should learn to subdue your expectations and realise the reality of matters.

Besides these, as we all know that you should be respectful and well behaved during the process. The real self should be shown from the beginning as being pretentious doesn’t benefit the candidate or the employer. You should always dress well and presentable. Never wear a slipper or flip-flops to an interview, no matter how casual or lenient the ambience is. These are certain common decency that is universal for all and should be maintained. You should also have the conversation skills and converse respectfully. Showcase of skills forcefully isn't a good thing to do; rather you can cleverly present your talents and yourself during a recruitment process.  

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Mahwah William Almonte - Benefits of working in a recruitment firm

There are a number of few benefits in working with a recruiting firm. They are friendly environments, a flexible , and attractive pay packages.

Friendly job environment

A recruitment firm has a straightforward set of duties for its employees to perform. The tasks are pretty basic and do not have much complicacy. So the experience of working in this kind of environment can be a gratifying experience for an employee providing an opportunity for his or her mental growth. Some of these organizations stress on employee freedom and welcome any valuable feedback from their employees. Sometimes these companies assist their valued employees for higher education and other privileges.

Flexible schedule

One of the most attractive features of working in a recruiting farm is they do not require to work on a tight schedule. Often, the work schedules are modified according to workload pressure, meaning an employee does not need to office in a fixed time and work for the same amount time every day. Instead they get the option of working in different time frames, enabling them to perform duties of their own lives. The time schedule is refreshing for the employees.

Attractive pay packages

Being newcomer in the market, these recruiting agencies actually provide interesting packages to their employees along multiple benefits in economic terms. William Almonte thinks slowly these agencies will usurp the offline recruiting process only, by means of providing new pay packages to their employees. More and more promising people at their early year of employment are choosing this particular field over other jobs.

Nature of the job

A career in online recruiting agencies is promising from different perspectives. Apart from the fact that the position requires basic knowledge and is not a job marred with technical complications, the post also has a higher satisfaction quotient among the employees due to the very fact that employees learn a lot through candidate interaction. Later these people can become specialists or analysts of job market.

Learn corresponding skills

In the recruitment business the agency needs to get in constant touch with different sectors of the market. Sometimes they need to modify the requirements according to new laws and conditions of the hiring company. The people in the recruitment farm reorganize matters in a very short period of time. This makes them very efficient in making last minute changes.  William Almonte Mahwah thinks that the process increases the employee productivity and the job should be respected for this particular reason.

Rapid growth of market

The online recruiting firms are observing a current boom in business throughout the world. And experts believe that this trend is going to be followed at least for now. So, a career in online recruiting looks promising at present.

There are other multiple reasons to consider when perusing a career in online recruitment firms a viable option. Notable among them are higher job opportunities and switch-over options between companies. But the discussed points are the most important ones at this moment.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

William Almonte - How Are Recruiters Utilizing Online Recruitment as A Powerful Tool

With each passing year’s development, man is becoming more and more versatile whether it is personally or it is professionally. And every development brings certain advantages with it, kudos to the newer technologies. Approaching the job sectors, the Internet has become one of the most utilized tools for job hunting that recruiters use nowadays. Considering the earlier Internet traditions in the job industry, the recent years have brought developed automation of hiring and recruiting, much different from the yesteryears. And with the changing strategies of the companies, recruiters prefer using online platform as the most favorable tool for enrolling a particular person. But how does the online recruitment play a more beneficial role? Read on.

William Almonte Mahwah

Is Online Recruitment a Boon or a Bay?

Changing trends of 2018 in the job sectors have helped various firms excel with the inclusion of talented and hardworking employees by online recruitment. While recruiting through the Internet is a very powerful approach to appoint candidates based on the position requirement, it becomes easier for the companies when it comes to time-saving. From William Almonte’s words, we get to know that demands spoken by the companies aren’t what every candidate can meet. So for the company itself, online recruitment helps in finding the right candidate in no time.

The job portals help the companies hire candidates at a lower cost. The reason is, every job portals require the candidates’ CVs, which is why the company charges a very nominal rate to the employee.Different layouts of different job portals are handled in a very seamless way. There are options available, and then there are the very easy steps to follow instructions. Online job portals are easily accessible due to the fact that it offers uploading options, fill up all required information, so on and so forth. In the end, recruiters will be able to get through the candidates suited for their companies. Overall, it is easily handled in order to find the most suitable candidates for the company.

According to WilliamAlmonte Mahwah, the online job portals come with a wide range of opportunities for the respective job seekers. Candidates are able to filter the search as per the preferences, which results in getting a massive scale result. Basically, online portals happen to be the perfect platform for candidates searching for a job.

But Recruiter, Do Keep These in Mind

So overall, we can likely say that online recruitment is the very near future and is definitely a boon in the job industry. But while everything comes with certain disadvantages, online job hunting also has its own. That being said, one must keep in mind that the background checking or screening must be done before hiring the candidate for your company firm. Secondly, the candidates must handover their official data to the company such that no confusion partakes. Gathering information about the candidate is really important, and that is why a proper survey is very essential.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

William Almonte - How To Start A Recruitment Agency By Attracting Quality Recruiters

Recruiting and hiring employees for a company is a daunting task. It can be especially dicey if the company is a recruiting agency itself. For recruiting, however, the process remains almost the same. Starting a recruitment agency is very tricky and most importantly attracting quality candidates for employment are a difficult task.

William Almonte Mahwah

The basics of starting a recruitment agency is same
The basics for recruiting for a recruitment agency are fairly the same as for any other company. Scout candidates through various jobs portals. Select candidates for the interview through their resumes.Start the office in a centrally located area. Give your recruitment agency a nice, catchy name. Register your agency with a business entity. Hire a receptionist and an account as early as possible. You may start your agency as a franchise or an independent recruitment agency. Start your website for the company.

Get some experience on board
Before you set out opening a recruitment agency, get some experience related to this industry. Also, take on board an experienced team of individuals who will spearhead your recruiting company. If you have the right experience and an experienced team, you would know the ins and outs of the industry, and the employees better suited for the industry. You would be able to spot the right candidate.

Promote your company to the fullest
More people would want to join your company if your company has a big and recognized reputation in the industry. One of the keys to reputation building is the promotion of your company. Promote the achievements of the company through advertisements and public relations. Social media is also a very powerful tool that is used for promotion widely at present times thinks William Almonte. The success stories involving your enterprise have to be highlighted. Invite your clients who you have worked with as a recruiter in previous jobs to various events and be in touch with them outside the professional purview as well. Your relationship with the clients will help you in the long run.

Look in different avenues for recruiting employees
Track potential candidates through the ATS or Application Tracking System. Post ads online and in newspapers. You may use the pop ads as well that says that the company requires employees. From the social media channels like LinkedIn, many candidates can be chosen for an interview. William Almonte Mahwah thinks the basics of hiring for a recruitment agency is no different than in other companies. ‘Cold calling’ is another popular method of shortlisting candidates. Word of mouth also works well in the industry. Inform the peers of the industry that you require employees for your recruitment agency.

The key remains that you have to have a good portfolio otherwise attracting clients and employees will not be easy at all. The productivity of a company depends upon the employees; likewise, the workforce affects the productivity. Thus starting a recruitment agency and then inducing quality candidates in it is very necessary.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

William Almonte - How International Recruitment is Benefitting the Recruitment Industry

International hiring has been a part of the recruitment industry for a long time but has become the center of attention as well as concern in the recent years. It is a known fact that foreign countries are outsourcing jobs at a higher rate and have also been hiring candidates from different locations all over the globe. Some employees are working from their respective local places in an international company whereas some have moved travelled overseas.

William Almonte Mahwah

William Almonte, President of Titan Staffing System, brings up an interesting fact that international companies often need especially skilled candidates to fulfill specific criteria that would lack or be difficult to find in a native employee. At critical situations, recruiters and organizations also play a crucial role in settling traveling paper works for the particular candidate, in case of the individual faces trouble in obtaining a work permit.

     Broadening company’s expertise circle and getting better contracts
Recruiters, as well as recruiting agencies, are obtaining various agreements from international companies for hiring talents from diverse parts of the globe. There are multiple reasons for which enterprises hire overseas, and some of them include, getting better service within limited revenue, crucial requirement specifications and one of the top purposes is enlarging the talent circle of organizations.
In the knowledge of William Almonte, Founder and CEO of Titan Staffing System, recruiters can provide organizations with several benefits which indirectly or roundly contribute to the recruitment industry again. They can help organizations get the same service from an employee in better quality and lower revenue.
  •          Advantages of different languages apart from the default
  •          Cultural diversification in an organization
  •          A contribution of several hands
  •          Greater chances of employee retention

2       Recruiters get to build a worldwide network chain
Recruiters are providing several candidates an opportunity to explore roles and responsibilities overseas. They need to perform ample amount of research concerning the current fashion of employment. Hunting for talents abroad helps the recruitment sector strengthen their skill detection skill as a whole and provide the best to both parties. The process of international recruiting involves higher strategies and often the hiring of external software is required which becomes a part of investment for the recruitment company. Therefore, via global network companies can expect a higher ROI on nearly next level numbers and figures.

3      The industry gets recognition, and more candidates follow up
Previous reports states, that, more than sixty percent of candidates are referrals from other candidates. The process of international recruiting improves reputation management for recruitment agencies and build better and higher connections with established industrialists and organizations.
Candidates also follow up later in the long run and keep agencies updated about specific specifications and also seek a second time service while changing jobs overseas. The recruitment industry in today's time serves more than placing a candidate; in fact, take complete ownership of the placement both before and after.
Moreover, international recruitment is much reliable when it comes to employee retention. When candidates travel overseas for a particular job position, much more value is invested in the organization, which is indirectly beneficial for the recruitment sector.

Monday, April 2, 2018

William Almonte - Eminent Facts About the Recruitment Industry

The job of recruiters involves playing multiple roles and has taken away the point of interest for most industries. The notion of recruitment to the outside world is more or less transparent, but there exist some interesting and unusual facts about how the industry functions; which might interest you and benefit you to some extent. To speed up your approaches you are making for the recruitment industry, it is wise to be updated with the following.

William Almonte

1. The downturn in the recruitment industry does not bring trouble
In the perception of William Almonte, people usually make quick assumptions on the current condition of recruiters at the time of recessions. It is true that it becomes difficult for some recruiters to get back into the business when there are fewer requirements or no hiring is required at all. External recruiters are often dissatisfied with the unstable flow of income and look forward to the same career on a much more stagnant platform. 
Companies place these external recruiters in a temporary position on lower payoffs. They receive the same quality service from external recruiters by decreasing the requirement for the internal recruits. This is a common occurrence in the industry
2. Modify positions to provide an opportunity to quality applicants
It is one of the fascinating facts that recruiters put effort on modifying job positions and roles to get the attention of standard candidates. Like companies, candidates also look forward to different job responsibilities that shall keep them motivated and interested along with proper remuneration. Many candidates are more focused on job satisfaction so that they can be benefited in the long run with complete stability.
3. Diversity in working culture adds on to the total revenue of the company
In the opinion of William Almonte Mahwah, organizations that are more accepting of employees coming from diverse backgrounds and culture, tend to be benefited double than companies limiting their candidate hunt. Recruiters play a significant role, in this scenario.
With the long years of experience, they are well informed about the traits that candidates from specific geographical locations possess. It might not be accurate hundred percent of the time but gets the ball rolling for the organizational structure and functionality. The system provides the opportunity to help employees learn about ideas and domain-specific techniques that they were unaware of and improved corporate behavior simultaneously.
4. Modern recruiters take decisions based on online profile specifications
Last, of all, recruiters are using the process of online recruitment at their best and so are applicants. It shall be quite a piece of information for fresher in the industry, that eighty percent of the recruiters make important decisions and overall judgments based on your online profile details. Before reaching pout via call or email, a large percentage of the resumes get filtered, and few make it to the list.
However, it is essential, to be honest, specific and compelling about what you are updating your online resume. As not only the professional details matter but recruiters pay equal attention to the peripheral information and personal background.