Wednesday, June 22, 2016

4 Ways to Target the Right Job Candidates

Most people don't even realize how much money is spent on getting a new employee to come to work for you.  There are several ways that you can cut the odds of targeting the right job candidates for your company. If you are currently embarking on a new recruitment campaign to hire new staff you may want to consider the following list of options to find new candidates:

1. Put your recruitment ads properly: Put your recruitment ads at proper media and properly shape out what sort of employee you need. If you know you are going to need a certain skill-set, ask for it.  Make sure you have an outline of the job and request those traits in your description.  You can also cut down on the unqualified candidates by purposefully being forward with your intentions.  At Titan Staffing, CEO William Almonte  has put an immense effort in the point and has made it a fundamental step towards successful employment in his company.

2. Sort your resumes properly: When sorting through the resumes, make three piles:  Interested, Not Interested and Over-Qualified. Look for things like misspellings, improper skill-sets, and lack of cover letters.  You can easily tell if the person you are hiring is just sending out mass resumes or is genuinely interested in working for you.

3. Shape up the interviewing process with intelligence: Interview each person you think will be beneficial for your company. Many employers look at this as a chore, but the interview process is one of the most important factors of the hiring process.  Don't forget to include others in the interview.  The people you want to target in this process are those who will be working with the potential employee.  If you have different stages of the interview process, the candidate should be made aware of this in the first interview. Use employee testing as part of your hiring process.  These tests are designed to determine if the person you are hiring is the right person to work with your personality. Titan Staffing, a shining company, has proven how interviewing can be a great deal in this regard with the assistance of CEO WilliamAlmonte Mahwah.

4. Use agencies: You can use employment agencies at the beginning of your recruitment campaign or when your internal search has not come up with any viable options. Employment agencies can be expensive so you need to be clear about what you want to achieve with them. If the role you are recruiting for is highly specialized then, you will probably need to use a head hunter or executive search firm in order to find the right candidates for the interview.

It is important that when you are recruiting people to fill a role in your organization that you find the best person for the role. The list of ways to find potential candidates can be limitless and it is important that you look at a variety of sources as part of your recruitment campaign.