Tuesday, November 29, 2016

How to boost the productivity of new recruits?

Employees sit at their desk for a most of the time during a day, and this can reduce the productivity of the employee. A model employee must be productive enough to be an asset to the company. Long working hours can make be depressed and decrease the productivity of the employees. And for new recruits training is essential for making them more efficient and productive.

If you own a company and are now you are going through a recruitment process then a proper training is something that you need to think about next. To increase the productivity of new recruits, you need to invest something more than cups of coffee. A proper scheduling is needed to see if new employees are rendering their best. Proper follow-up and planning are required. To make thing easy for you read this post where you will get to know some necessary steps towards making your employees more productive.

Step One

Consistency is the key. Measuring productivity is a continuous process. So let your employees know where they are standing and encourage them to increase their productivity. Make it a weekly or monthly process. Employee performance management is an essential aspect behind the growth of a company.

Make a report of the daily performance of every employee especially the new ones. And at the end of every week or month let them know their performance. And help them to understand where exactly they are lacking and how they can achieve perfection in their work. Don't forget to appreciate them for their good performance as well.

Step Two

If you notice, downward performance graph of more or less every employee. Then it's time to train them properly. Maybe the lack of proper training is creating confusion among staffs especially among new recruits, says William Almonte.

Recruitment training is the process through which industry can identify and can bring out the real potential of the employees. Training process consists of a wide range of substantial processes involved right skills and knowledge. The training process can help a company to get some qualified employees who can help the company to reach new heights.

Step Three

Set a goal, but don’t make it impossible one. As a manager you know where your company is standingright now.You should set the goal according to the goal and expected growth. Determine an individual goal for an individual employee.

Step Four

According to William Almonte, motivation is a crucial aspect. An unmotivated employee doesn't improve their performances. A pinch of motivation can do wonder. Gratification can be the best process to motivate them. Gratification is the use of rewards and badges for employees who are showing proficiency and efficiency towards the improvement of your company. Show them that you recognize their efforts and this will motivate them to show more productivity.

Step Five

Treat them like a family, try to know their background. Help them in balancing between life and work. Be their leader not a boss.

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