Friday, December 30, 2016

What are some current trends of recruitment and selection process?

William Almonte

The super active and ultra-competitive business backdrop of the modern, technological era is becoming increasingly difficult to keep pace with for the hire rs of business organizations. The employment or hiring of the right people who are possessing specific skills required for a particular job is the most critical part of the responsibilities of the Human Resource(HR) department of any organization or company. Since the art of searching, selecting and recruiting the best talents is integral to the success of every business organization, conforming to the latest trends concerning the selection and employment process is of crucial importance. In this article, a detailed discourse ensues on the different phases that constitute the entire selection process.

Eminent connoisseurs like William Almonte touches on the top expedient and viable practices that can be adopted by recruiters and hires in order to make the selection process all the more interesting, hassle free and simple.
Recruiters should go from reactive to proactive

So far in the domain of recruitment in renowned companies and organizations, the swing from reactive to proactive recruiting policy is considered the major shift that has been made keeping in mind the current trends of hiring. As per WilliamAlmonte Mahwah , a proactive recruitment process is all about getting a well-planned recruitment structure and configuration. The Human Resource Management of the company is supposed to keep a provisional track of the number of employees who might be leaving the organization within the next year. Keeping such a speculative reckoner shall effectively serve as an aid to determine the type and number of recruitment in individual domains for the instant or imminent year. Furthermore, the most expedient policy for a proactive recruitment department of an organization should be the policy of hiring with the objective of bracing up the potential of a working team, and not for merely filling up vacancies.

Hiring for specified assignments, not just for jobs

Yes, the latest trends tend to impel the recruiter to keep a more flexible approach, when it comes to meet the need of the situation by recruiting for particular assignments. The art of quickly finding out the eligible candidates who can carry out with efficiency, the concerned assignment, is the factor which tests the efficiency of the HR person or the recruiter.The online platforms connecting professionals all over the world help to expedite the task of the incumbent recruiter.

The ATS or Applicant Tracking Software

One of the thriving trends that have emerged in the recruitment processes of companies is the extensive adoption and use of the Applicant Tracking Software (ATS). The ATS is a utilitarian software that has been designed with the outlook of executing an effortless monitoring of the entire recruitment process of a business organization. It focuses on the convenient posting of job openings, communicating interview requests to eligible candidates over the email, automated ranking of online resumes and several other relevant recruitment tasks.


The gamification mode allows for an advanced and interesting interview process, in which the interview of the candidate is done by means of playing a game. The game is designed and constructed to be played in such a manner that the relevant skills and potential of the candidate can be traced effectively, making the process all the more fun and enjoyable at the same time to the interviewee.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Tips for getting into recruitment Industry

Recruiter. The word means to a person who is in charge of recruiting a workforce to industry for its betterment. But what does a recruiter do is the main focus of the content. Recruiter, in general, is a person who enlists, strengthen, hire, enroll or renew or restore for a company's betterment. If you are thinking about starting a career in the recruitment industry, this post is a must read for you
But for a recruiter, it is also a fact that he/ she must come to know whom to recruit and how to recruit. If the recruiter doesn’t go with the current scenario of the company’s need for recruiting it will be a big problem for the industry and also for the person in charge of Recruitment.

To be a hands-on recruiter some of the tips must be followed
A) According to William Almonte, expert recruiter, a recruiter must follow what to sell and what not to. He/ she must follow the company and its criteria. According to the criteria, eligible candidates must be given space. Without having full knowledge of company its criteria and the eligibility of the candidate to work for the company a recruiter is of no worth. It is his/her duty to tactfully made the things.
B) Recruiters must be matchmakers. They must possess the ability to make the perfect match. Without matchmaking, a recruiter must not be able to tackle all the things accordingly.
C) Communication is one of the most important skills a recruiter must possess, says  William Almonte.He/ she must be a good listener at first and then communicate. A good communicator is one who knows what to say and what not to at what moment and in which tone. For a recruiter, it is also a key point that the betterment must possess to each and every one. Not solely any single.
D) To recruit somebody or something else for any company or institution or organization the recruiter must be positive. His/her positivity is the keyword to each and every section that nothing goes wrong. Time and hard work never go down. Surely it will pay off. 
E) In the 21st century, a recruiter must be tech savvy. The application can come from anywhere. Today the domination of the internet has helped in this job to recruit applicants for surfing and also to get the detail of the candidate.      

Other than these basics you need to be positive and assuring. When you are the recruiter, you are in the power position. Use this status. But don't use it to belittle or bully a candidate, it's unprofessional and unethical. You need to use your power position, to assure the person that joining your company can be the turning point of your life. You need to apply a little marketing strategy here. Without marketing your company, you never can expect anyone to be interested in your company. While subtly convincing the candidate try to draw real life examples and be realistic and relevant. Being relevant is the key to trust, and until a candidate trusts your words, he or she will never be interested in your job offer. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

4 Reasons Employers Should Invest in Employees training

The world around is changing at a fast rate. Thus, it is the need of the hour to change with it. The youngsters of the current generation are shunning the tried and tested methods and taking more and more risks to reach their goals. That is why people are taking up business as a lucrative way of making money and leading a luxurious life.

What is needed to succeed in business?

Though an innovative idea and capital are required for starting the business, you can never expect to survive in the industry if you do not have the right set of employees. As William Almonte once mentioned, the employees are like the life blood of the establishment. If you are not lucky in this respect, you will never be able to attain what you desire. Choosing the employee is an art. Fail in it, and you will not be able to reach the heights of success.

Benefits of employee training sessions

The efficient candidates will also look for something to add to their resume. The training sessions provide them with such opportunities. If you hold regular and innovative training programs for the employees, then this will attract many freshers as well as experienced candidates to the organization. The following are some of the primary benefits of holding such sessions:

1. Keeping the efficient employees

When a fresher joins an organization, all they have the theoretical knowledge. They lack the practical know-how of completing the task. You must not expect the fresher have knowledge about everything. The employee training sessions will help in giving an idea of how a particular task is done. This will not only assist them in doing the work in the right manner but will also make their foundation stronger.

2. Keeping workers engaged

Most of the organizations arrange for special employee training sessions when the overall work pressure is less. This will help in keeping all the employees engaged. They will not suffer from boredom. With each training session, they will get to learn something more that will come in handy in the days to come.

3. Enhancing loyalty

According to WilliamAlmonte Mahwah, if the employees get a feeling that the organization is looking after their interests and taking initiative for their betterment, the loyalty quotient will automatically increase. The employees will become motivated to give their best for the betterment of the organization as well. Thus, the profit of the company is bound to rise.

4. Creating promotable employees

Another advantage of the employee training sessions is that it gives the head of the organization a chance to make an estimate of the potential of every worker. This will give them an idea about who will serve the company and its interests better in the future. The training will help in creating leaders and promotable employees.

As people and business heads came to realize the importance of the training programs, most of the top organizations are arranging for these sessions. Though the cost of holding these sessions may be significant, it will be advantageous in the future.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Why staff training is a good deal

Staff training is crucial for the betterment of businesses. Employees especially the new recruits need to undergo training modules or any on the job training. Recent surveys show that almost 40 percent employees who don't receive on job training resign from their job. Incorporating training can improve overall employee engagement. 

If you are the boss of a startup company and you are in a decision-making position, then you need to think about employment training module more seriously. There are some high-end benefits of incorporating employee training in your business module.

Read this post to know some important aspects of benefits of employee training.

  •  The principal advantage of any employee training is making employees more efficient. When employees know what to do and the most practical way to render the job then your business runs more professionally. Trained employees can more successfully handle customer inquiries, sales, and other critical job responsibilities.

  •     According to William Almonte, as training is the most active module of recruitment, employees want something more than just a pay cheque, they want to learn new skill sets for their professional advancements.

  •    Training module helps employees to know other employees and managers of the company, and this is effective for internal communication of an organization.

  •    Training helps the employees in getting job satisfaction. By training, they get an overview of the job responsibilities, their role. After getting improved quality training, they can understand how they can contribute towards the advancement of the organization and in the process they can improve their personal skill sets. 

  •    As per William Almonte, training is also a retention tool. A company can instill loyalty from good workers, and by providing quality on the job training, the business organization can create a sense of belongingness in the mind of employees.

  •    Training is also very essential for knowledge transfer and knowledge gathering.

  •   Training creates a sense of togetherness among employees, and this belongingness can be beneficial to the advancement of an organization. If you want to build up a separate training module system, you need to be provided multilevel  training to some senior level of employees who have years of expertise in managing other  employees, so that they can guide the new recruits. 

  •   The essential factor of training your employees is to increase their productivity. Especially when you have a startup company, and you want to see growth graphs soon. Then it's the time that you need to start training module for your existing employees to make them more efficient, for this purpose you can appoint some training and development agency.

End Talk

Training agencies render need based service, means they provide industry oriented training program. Reputed training organizations never use one tool for all job methods when it comes to the training process. They segregate their training modules depending on the industry.