Friday, January 27, 2017

William Almonte - Myths Related To Recruiting Industry

There are a few myths related to the recruiting industry. It is not an easy industry. A lot of deserving candidates are searching to their best of abilities to find the best of jobs. It is a cut-throat industry. People fight for the bread, butter and more. It is life and lifestyle.

Know the strong and weak points of candidates

It is not only about hitting targets but giving the deserving candidate the best placement.
This industry does depend on the phone services. You got to know your client needs and the candidate's weakness and strengths. If you don't know them both, you are surfing wrong waters!
The recruitment company must know which part of the company needs more people.  William Almonte, expert recruiter, the first step towards the recruitment process is identifying exactly which department or wing requires more human resources to advance the overall improvement of the company.

Relationship with client and candidate

A lot of people think it is a cut-throat industry. But that is not so. It is also about building the relationship with the client and the candidate. If there is any issue with the client or the candidate, they turn to the recruitment company. Some relations last lifelong.

Wrong priorities

William Almonte, who is an expert recruitment consultant believes that a number of job seekers fail to get long term employment just because they follow wrong priorities. They think money is the only thing that matters. The recruitment company also pushes for bigger salary packages. But that is not so. You need to know what you want from a job and it is your duty to inform the recruitment company regarding your qualities and your vision.

A lot of people, for this reason, think that recruiters are intrusive. But they have to be intrusive to know more about you, your strength, weaknesses, your requirements.

Other myths

Some people think that the job of a recruiter is monotonous beyond the limit. But that is not so. They meet different people every day with different capabilities. They prepare the resume in the best possible way so that that very candidate gets a great job. With changing times, the market dynamics change. Everything is changing, so is the recruiter's life. There is not a dull moment.
There is also a myth that if the candidate does not get a job, then the recruiter company does not call. That is not true. A good company of recruiting will call you up to tell you the result. They will sit down with you, talk to you, and try to find out ways to better the candidate's chances next time.
Some people also say that recruitment is a dead job. There is not much prospect. But that is not so at all. People who join the company get good benefits and rise up fast to the management position, if they understand the tricks of the trade.

Some companies hire to fire. It is very easy for the recruitment company to identify these companies and try not to do business with them. It saves lots of pain. Recruitment is an art. If have the right contact and force it can become a big business.

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