Thursday, January 11, 2018

William Almonte - Online Recruitment And How It Works

Most of you people are already introduced to the online recruitment system. Along with the updated world, the process of recruitment has also been updated and now you get it in the form of online recruitment system. According to William Almonte, the online recruitment systems has changed the recruitment process a lot and the change is quite beneficial. Like the offline recruitment process, the online recruitment process has also a number of stages or steps to be done. The following paragraphs of this article is here discuss the stages of online recruitment.


The most primitive step in this process is to advertise for the job vacancy. This step includes a number of online job portal or web pages. The advertisement for the job vacancy is also given in a number of social networks so that it could reach to the people easily. The advertisement for the job vacancy includes the details about the job, the criteria for the eligible candidates and the area for which the candidate can apply. The advertisement is done in such a way that the people get easily attracted to the advertisement and the number of applicants gets increased.


This is the next step after the candidates have applied for the job. In this step, the description of the applicants gets justified. The recruiters find out the applicants who are eligible to join the furthers steps of recruitment and they reject the candidates who are not appropriate for the job. The work in this step totally depends upon the document and the description that the applicant has given to the recruiters. They also judge the candidate by his previous job description. According to Sir William Almonte this step is the most important step where the recruiters try to eliminate the non eligible candidates.

  1.  In this step the candidates get to know the result of the first round. The eligible candidates are greeted with the news to move forward for the next step and the non eligible candidates are refused completely. After the eligible candidates are sorted out the recruiters provide the details of the eligible candidates to the senior recruiters so that they could make better decision to select the employee for the job.
  2. After this the process move forward in the same way with few more steps. In the next stages maximum number of applicant gets rejected and the best ones are selected. After all the test to the candidates are done the recruiters provide the eligible candidate to the company as an appropriate employee and the job of the recruiters gets over.
  3. The process of online recruitment is not very different from the process of offline recruitment. It is just a bit faster process that has helped the system a lot. The process of online recruitment has also restricted any illegal work that used to occur in the process of offline recruitment. This is why the online process is much trustable and beneficial for both the candidate and the recruiters.

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