Tuesday, May 8, 2018

William Almonte - How To Start A Recruitment Agency By Attracting Quality Recruiters

Recruiting and hiring employees for a company is a daunting task. It can be especially dicey if the company is a recruiting agency itself. For recruiting, however, the process remains almost the same. Starting a recruitment agency is very tricky and most importantly attracting quality candidates for employment are a difficult task.

William Almonte Mahwah

The basics of starting a recruitment agency is same
The basics for recruiting for a recruitment agency are fairly the same as for any other company. Scout candidates through various jobs portals. Select candidates for the interview through their resumes.Start the office in a centrally located area. Give your recruitment agency a nice, catchy name. Register your agency with a business entity. Hire a receptionist and an account as early as possible. You may start your agency as a franchise or an independent recruitment agency. Start your website for the company.

Get some experience on board
Before you set out opening a recruitment agency, get some experience related to this industry. Also, take on board an experienced team of individuals who will spearhead your recruiting company. If you have the right experience and an experienced team, you would know the ins and outs of the industry, and the employees better suited for the industry. You would be able to spot the right candidate.

Promote your company to the fullest
More people would want to join your company if your company has a big and recognized reputation in the industry. One of the keys to reputation building is the promotion of your company. Promote the achievements of the company through advertisements and public relations. Social media is also a very powerful tool that is used for promotion widely at present times thinks William Almonte. The success stories involving your enterprise have to be highlighted. Invite your clients who you have worked with as a recruiter in previous jobs to various events and be in touch with them outside the professional purview as well. Your relationship with the clients will help you in the long run.

Look in different avenues for recruiting employees
Track potential candidates through the ATS or Application Tracking System. Post ads online and in newspapers. You may use the pop ads as well that says that the company requires employees. From the social media channels like LinkedIn, many candidates can be chosen for an interview. William Almonte Mahwah thinks the basics of hiring for a recruitment agency is no different than in other companies. ‘Cold calling’ is another popular method of shortlisting candidates. Word of mouth also works well in the industry. Inform the peers of the industry that you require employees for your recruitment agency.

The key remains that you have to have a good portfolio otherwise attracting clients and employees will not be easy at all. The productivity of a company depends upon the employees; likewise, the workforce affects the productivity. Thus starting a recruitment agency and then inducing quality candidates in it is very necessary.

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